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Get the most flavourful range of tea-based goods like Darjeeling Oolong Tea, Pure Darjeeling Tea, Black CTC Tea, etc.
About Us

People love to drink tea at any time of day since it is a refreshing beverage, and this has significantly increased its market demand. In the year 2004, our company, Berlia Tea Company assessed the significance and increasing demand for tea goods and began to share our experience in the industry. For a long time, we have been delivering the freshest and healthiest assortment of tea goods as a manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler. Our tea products like Assam Orthodox Tea, Indian Darjeeling Tea, Assam CTC Tea, Orthodox Golden Tea, Pure Darjeeling Tea, etc., have long been popular among consumers due to their great flavour, pleasant aroma, and freshness. Furthermore, we conduct a competitive market study and, as a result, keep our tea goods far more affordable than everyone else.

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Why Choose Us?

In the extremely competitive market of food of beverages, there are countless businesses which can be difficult for companies to lead. Despite the high level of competition, we have been able to maintain a great market position owing to our consistent hard work and dedication. Below mentioned are some additional factors which have helped us get distinguished and advance in the market:

  • We always undertake extensive market research in order to add new products to our collection.
  • We ensure that our products are prepared in a clean and sanitary environment.
  • We have a strong team that is continually looking for methods to improve our productivity.
  • We ensure that pricing of our goods is economical and in best interest of customers.

Quality Maintenance

Manufacturing companies, especially ones dealing with food & beverages must maintain good quality standards across their product offerings. As a result, our company always maintains the best quality levels, allowing us to produce fresh beverages. Our extensive collection includes Indian Darjeeling Tea, Orthodox Golden Tea, Assam Orthodox Tea, Pure Darjeeling Tea, Assam CTC Tea, and many other tea products. We have highly skilled and trained personnel ensuring that quality is prioritised in the processing of all tea products. Furthermore, the materials used in the packaging of our tea items are of excellent quality to ensure that they arrive safely at the destination of customers. Overall, our focus towards quality helps us serve our customers with the best products.